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Top 20 Travel Advice

Between 2008 and 2010 my girlfriend and I did a world trip through Asia, Australia, India, Africa, and South America. Here here the summarize of our Top 20 Travel Advice

  • First of all: DO IT!
  • The most important things are your passport and your credit card – everything else is optional and replaceable!
  • All preparation you need for a (long term) travel is a good health insurance and the first flight ticket including required visa to your first destination country. Everything else will change during to your trip…
  • Do not book trips from home! They are much cheaper if you buy them local
  • Before you leave your country, leave the half of your luggage at home and double you money on your credit card
  • You need about three weeks to get in touch with one country (How much is a dollar worth, how to travel, where to sleep, where to eat)
  • Take some days off! Traveling and sightseeing is demanding
  • Monkey see – monkey do ! Adapt your behavior in the foreign country – if they cross the street on red – do it as well!
  • Before you enter a country get to know the exchange rate
  • Ask you travel fellows for advices – they might know better places than Lonely Planet
  • Eat in places where Moms eat with their kids. If it is good for them it is good for you
  • Drink water always from sealed water bottles – only in some countries you can drink water direct from the pipe
  • Treat locals always with respect
  • According beggars: Money is not everything. Having a nice and funny conversation helps a lot – especially for child beggars
  • Take care of your belongings in crowded places like main sights, carnival or festivals. (Did you backup your pictures before?)
  • Get to know the local money to detect false money (especially Chinese Yen)
  • Relax: The first taxi drive is mostly overpriced until you know the price (You cant know until you know)
  • If you do not know the price – ask different places and walk around (also helpful for bargain)
  • There will be bad situations – but they are temporary. The worst and coldest 9 hour bus ride on the dirtiest bump road at night has its end
  • Wear a money belt underneath your trousers containing the credit card and the passport
  • Have a fake money pocket with the daily money and some unimportant documents. Just in case you get stolen – the thief is happy with your fake wallet
  • Reduce money transactions as much as possible. A friend back home can do it for you. It is safer
  • Use a partially loaded credit card and reloaded it from time to time (by a friend back home). If your credit card gets lost not all money might be gone
  • For medical care: Keep your own hygienic clove and injection needle with you – you never know how bad world hospitals are
  • Pay always after the service (especially in Sieam Reap, Cambodia)
  • Label you important belongs with your contact details. Sometimes you just forget or lose your items. There are good people out there and want to contact you – at least give them a change 🙂
  • On bus rides: Keep the important stuff always in your hand luggage with you. On sights: leave most things in your hostel
  • You do not need an notebook. There are plenty cheap Internet Cafes out there and you have one item less which you have to take care of
  • Backup and duplicate your digital memories as much as possible to minimize data lost
  • Not a high end camera itself takes awesome pictures – you take the pictures. So get to know how to take pictures well
  • Bind the camera belt around your wrist while taking pictures against thieves
  • For media backup of your photos/videos: Backup your data! Make two DVD copies and ship one to your friend at home. If your friend confirms the shipping, you can trash your 2nd copy. If the shipping gets lost, create another copy and repeat these steps (BTW the shipping is faster than uploading your photos in the world and your friend can upload the pictures for you)

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