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Convert PalmDB to iCalendar

Reasently I hat the problem to convert a palm DB to iCalendar format. But with jpilot and some scripting tricks it was possible to import the final iCalendar into SunBird.

  1. Export the your palm calendar with iCalendar format to palm.ics
  2. cat palm.ics | perl -n -e 's/\n/BBRR/g; print;'| \
    perl -n -e 's/BBRR //g; print'|perl -n -e 's/BBRR/\n/g; print;'| \
    iconv -c -f utf8 -t utf8 > palm4sunbird.ics
  3. Import palm4sunbird.ics in SunBird.

The command converts the multi-line descriptions to single line descriptions (If you know a shortcut for this, please tell me). Afterwards the encoding is fixed to UTF8. With this it was possible to import a palm DB with over 10000 entries. Cheers.

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